Granite BayReal Estate January 21, 2021

Should I Buy in Granite Bay or El Dorado Hills?

Should I Buy in Granite Bay or El Dorado Hills?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of home buyers, both local and from the Bay Area, who are torn between buying in Granite Bay or El Dorado Hills. I live in Granite Bay and raised my kiddos here and I faced the same dilemma and chose Granite Bay. First I chose the community and then I chose the home but it isn’t always that simple. I love mature landscaping and I’m not dazzled by newer homes but I do appreciate new construction and see the value of not having to remodel every room in the house.

Granite Bay has Treelake Village as what I call the “heartbeat” of our little community. Within Treelake Village are a number of lovely neighborhoods in a wide price range. Nearly all of them are walking or biking distance to our schools. Granite Bay Golf Club is located in Treelake Village, not a country club catering to the whole family. Johnson Ranch Sports Club and Lifetime Fitness have swim and tennis teams and both are just a quick drive to Roseville. Serrano’s heartbeat seems to be the Serrano Country Club which caters to the whole family with golf, swim and tennis and plenty of events for families.

Similarities between Granite Bay and El Dorado Hills

The people. Outstanding public schools. The pristine, well-kept neighborhoods and beautifully treelined streets. Access to lake and trails.

Pros to Granite Bay

More centrally situated between I-80 and I-50. Closer proximity to more jobs, health care providers and hospitals, shopping, and West Shore of Lake Tahoe.

Pros to El Dorado Hills

Newer and generally more inventory of homes to choose from. More homes with views. Proximity to South Shore of Lake Tahoe. Plenty of healthcare providers and shopping. Serrano Country Club.

Ultimately, I feel the home buying experience to be more emotional than exacting and one of these communities will likely appeal to you more than the other. You simply can’t go wrong in either of these communities.