Granite BayListings December 7, 2015

Granite Bay In December

Well all of the leaves haven’t fallen just yet. They are gold and orange and “so red” as my 15-year-old son said. He was being sarcastic, as usual, as I was carrying on once again about the fall colors. I love running the trails or even walking along Roseville Parkway in Treelake Village at this time of year. It’s truly spectacular.

Each time I drive a new buyer through Granite Bay, it is remarkable to hear their comments. It never fails that they are impressed at the mature landscape and the tree-lined streets. Our little town has grown up quite beautifully. Our beloved Christmas display of all things Disney at the Holden home on Oakbridge Drive in Folsom Lake Estates is a must see in December. Their towering Redwoods have taken strain with the drought but they have shared the tradition with our community once again.